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Purchasing an already owned Domain Name


Active Member
I'm currently working on a little project and the domain name we're looking for is in use.

Have any of you had any experience of trying to negotiate with someone regarding this? What's the best way to proceed? Can I contact 1and1 and ask them to contact the owner for me? I've heard of domain brokers, is that really needed?


Senior Member
Don't approach them, someone did this on Shell Livewire and got totally screwed over.

A company were going to discontinue use of the domain, but when they realised they could purchase it again and sell it to the person who wanted it... they did just that and made an absolute killing.

If you want it, just keep quiet until you know it's gonna be free. As soon as the date is there, try and buy it. Best shot IMO.


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That's an idea I've thought of, but this guy's had it for about 4 years, and seems to renew it immediately. I don't think we've got much choice other than asking him.


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Hi Fred,

I've had some experience with negotiating on domain deals, and have completed private purchases and sales of UK domains. If you like I can take a look at the domain, if you PM me the info and give you some advice on the situation, you never know I might even know the current registrant if they own a few UK domains!