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xxmissbirdyxx said:
ps3? pahhh xbox 360 all the way :p
Just connect via your built in wifi, have a quick play on gran turismo before you give up throw on a blueray....

oh wait.... you cant :) ps enjoy the 3 rings :)


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PS3 + 50" HD television + HDMI cable + Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound = gewd :up:

(and I happen to have all of those :lol:)


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Due to a lack of catchy names I liked, I ended up settling for EarthwormJimPSN. But I tend to enjoy my games in sweet solitude, away from people who scream or gibber annoyingly and kids with speakers next to their mics. My time with that Xbox360 put me off online play almost entirely. Whatever happened to everyone being in the same room and playing a game? At least then you could SEE the angry state some people get into. I've seen MarioKart turn a gentle giant into a chair-throwing monster...


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cba with mic for ps3 lol, was more a lets see if anyoen else has a ps3 thread :p ill be buying MW2 this weekend me thinks...

UFC Undisputed is funny to play with mates, you can dominate for like 2 mins beating the **** outa them - one big kick to the head and your out cold... causes many an argument and accusations of skill-less button bashing :p


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I used to like playing Pro Evo with my flatmates at uni. I was universally crap at the game in general but still managed to sneak lots of lucky goals in, much to everyone's surprise and dismay haha. I've just finished playing Fallout 3 actually, FINALLY enjoying the long-awaited DLC. Looked at the in-game clock and noticed I'd stacked up 111 hours... now there's value for money.


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We have about 15 days played on CoD4, and 12 days played on CoD5
(online only)

value much ^_^

But then I had a 4 months or so played on my WoW accounts (as in 120 full days - 2880+ hours)