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Providing web & email hosting - how do you charge?



I was considering a package deal which includes hosting for a period of time, but regardless, you're still going to have to charge at some point down the line.

How much do you charge for different types of hosting services and how do you charge them, i.e. direct debit, paypal? Monthly, Annually?


Staff member
I'm managing a business partner/friend of a relatives 'hosting and email' as they're rather poor at this type of thing... it's not exactly hard when you're already doing your own site...

Basically what I do is I say I'll manage the domain, hosting, email renewals etc at £x per year. Where x is actual cost of hosting, domain renewal etc + a bit for me per year to cover my time (not much these days).

Bills go out 1 month before 'yearly' renewal but I ask for 2 months (ie 1 month before invoice) notice if they cancel to allow for 30 days notice with host etc

If they have any issues they contact me and then I just go off and deal with the issue, I know what the hosting company is on about where as they don't...
Plus the issue usually wasn't host side...It used to be a phone call saying not receiving email or similar... I check and find everything's working so ring back and find out their wireless connection has died lol.

But I've now got them sorted, went round and fixed the network issues and so I very rarely speak to them now, just send a bill and check if it's all ok etc when needed :)