Property release for design


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Just read the usage/release terms of the image, it will tell you everything there. I can't actually read most of it mind as it's not in English.


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Hi again Levi,
thanks for answer.

yep, i read it, it's free for commercial use, attribution not required. License by the author.
I know the property release it is over the author license, so i'm interested in your opinion, the subject of the image is the Ipad, Gmail or the guy?
ps. my English is a mess, sorry i'm still learning and i really appreciate your effort to understand me


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It's an original piece of work, you can't copyright the use of a product in a photo (to the best of my knowledge), so the copyright is with the person who took the photo. You can copyright/protect the image which has been taken, which is automatically granted to the photographer in most countries (most of us on here are UK based), unless you're a monkey (still annoys me he didn't get his due copyright, he could have had free bananas for life :(), which is what has been done here.

Paul's answered if you can use it or not.