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Project management software, any recommendation? What do you use?

I've been looking at various pieces of project management software and wondered if anyone any recommendations or suggestions.

I've been taking notes of a few but some real world experience from people would be helpful.

I'm working on my own, so really have no need at the moment for any team collaboration features. I've noticed some like InVision include Project management and workflow, I like the idea of this but have no experience if this all being integrated will be useful or a hindrance. Other I've seen are Trello, Erpal, Jumpchart, freedcamp, basecamp the list goes on.

I like the idea of being able to plan a site, show the flow of the site and make notes in the software which otherwise might be on post-it's or scattered throughout a diary.

I would prefer something free (who wouldn't) but i'm not opposed to paying a fee or subscription if it saves time in the long run.

Any feedback would be appreciated


Staff member
take a look at solo which is free. They also do a paid for collaboration version called duet. I've considered using them myself then realised for my workflow the odds are I wouldn't use them lol