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Project management/buglog/issue tracking with SVN connectivity (Preferably Github)

Howdo all,

I do freelance work from time to time, but I'm looking to push to the next level, and I think it's about time I used some kind of task/time tracking system with a built in SVN (would prefer to use Github).

Would prefer to keep it PHP powered because I want to run it on my live server, and because it's cheap shared hosting because I'm poor, I can't change packages (so no control over the Ruby/ROR/Gems versions, so Redmine is out).

So far I'm liking the look of GForge, but can't find any mention of being able to connect it to Github? (I should explain here that I have a github account, but have very little experience of how it works).

Also looking at The Bug Genie, doesn't seem to have all the functionality of GForge, but maybe the simplicity is better for me?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. :)