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Problem with a float DIV

Hi guys and girls

I've designed a website for a friends business and I've ran into a bit of trouble coding it.

I have a container div. Within that, I have:

1. a header that runs the width of the container
2. a right navbar that runs down the page from top to bottom
3. a main content div for the body
4. a footer that runs the width of the container.

The navbar has a semi transparent background and I want it to sit along the right hand side of the container above the header layer so you can see through to the headers background. I have created a float div and floated it right then made the height 100% so it stretches down the page. My problem is that it to stop at the footer but instead because it is floated, it floats over the footer. I have tried floating the footer but then I run into more problems.

Is it possible to set it up using a float or should I just use normal block divs with specific widths?

Cheers for any help


Senior Member
Example URL / Code would be more useful... Maybe a diagram of what you want aswell...

Currently (could be through my lack of sleep) unable to picture quite what you mean (or I can picture it and its not as difficult as I'm thinking it may be
Sorry I should have attached an example earlier. As you can see from the layout, I want the navbar to float right over the header to the bottom but stop at the footer if possible