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Probably a slight odd-one-out

Hello all

I have just discovered and joined the forum thanks to the tasty CS5 competition (Production Suite please!) and am probably the slight odd-one-out in that I'm not actually a print or web designer but a freelance video producer. I do however use Photoshop and Illustrator daily probably as much as I do Final Cut/Premiere or After Effects. It's actually Illustrator that I'm finding most useful these days to create graphic elements for use in After Effects, but as a Photoshop user of over 15 years I didn't initially find it terribly intuitive to use!

I'm based near Oxford and started out making music videos after leaving a proper job in the corporate world for a complete change in life. In the last year I have been lucky enough to work with artists like Peter Andre and Kele Le Roc as well as many great unsigned bands. Contrary to popular belief there's next to no money in the music business (unless you are Simon Cowell:icon_rolleyes:) so I have also branched out into corporate videos these days - not so sexy but it pays the bills!

Anyway, enough of the rambling intro - hello everybody!