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Printing Problems


Senior Member
When I print on my home printer the blacks are coming out a dark grey/purple colour.

I am printing in RGB, the tonal values are all 0. I have changed the cartridge, cleaned the print heads 5 times and the encoder strip twice. I’m waiting for Brother tech support to get back to me but I thought I check if anyone had any ideas here first?
There's a colour conversion going on from RGB to CMYK. Convert your artwork to CMYK then try using the printer driver to print black as 100% K, and not using another colour to create a 'rich black'. If you can't do this simulate a dark colour by ramping up the Cyan (and maybe a touch of Yellow) in the artwork and try experimenting.

But you know you'l never get a true representation of the artwork colour from your home desktop printer!


Senior Member
thanks lee but the artwork began it's life in cmyk, i converted to rbg to try and correct the error so the problems most likely in the printer.
Ah. Try looking at the colour rendering intent settings (perceptual, absolute/relative colorimetric and saturation). You may get a better looking print, even if it's not strictly correct.

If it didn't print right in CMYK it won't do any better from RGB IMO.