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Printing on Acetate?


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So I'm creating a site analysis, which includes a map of the city. I want to highlight the area of the city that are relevant to my topic i.e restaurant, pubs cafe etc. Instead of having 4,5 or 6 different colours on one page, I want to use 'layers' for each of the types of shop for instance. What I will end up with is 6 pages or more with 'random' colour fills that represent the type of building, overlaying the city map (black and white)

I have some Acetate but the ink does not dry. Is there anywhere in the UK that I can buy A3 acetate? I understand that I can photocopy onto acetate, however that is not an option...

Thank You
You can 'laser' print onto acetate using a desktop printer (the same principle as photocopying), but inkjet can't penetrate the film to dry, like it does with paper.

Or check with your local printshop.
Hmm not sure. There probably is, somewhere...

Looks like it: google.co.uk/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=Inkjet+Acetate&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&redir_esc=&ei=myirTIT_AoL54Aa8hpXuBw


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haha. I've heard that Staples sells it, but in the 2 stores I've been in, they don't stock any! I'm not sure if Staples would allow me to use their photo copier to print onto acetate though...

Tom Sound

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Hi Nathan, yes you can get it from a stationers as WAC suggests. Only thing to bear in mind is that it will have a coating on the printable side to take the inkjet ink. This gives a slightly milky look to the acetate. So worth checking in a shop before you buy. One or two sheets is fine but when you multiple layer it, the appearance gets more opaque.