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Printing Light Font, Capital Letters look heavy, printing problem or the wrong font?

Im trying to figure out if this is a problem with the font or the printing.

I have been using Proxima Nova Light, and when printing some text the capital letters and numbers look slightly bold in comparison to the other letters.
Is this a font issue or a print issue?

I know my printer was having trouble when I recently collected my work,
but the problem seems too consisent to be a printer issue,
but I'd also be surprised that this font is printing so stragely.

any advice would be greatly appreciated

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 01.26.49.jpg
It isn't actually my printer, I had it printed at a print store.

I was planning on having it reprinted elsewhere, but want to avoid the same results.

do you think it is unlikely to be the font?

thanks for your help!
Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 22.17.11.jpg

The other thing ive noticed is the images you can really see the halftone dots, im not sure if its is because im looking so closely now because I'e looked at the fonts.
This isn't really a problem as they look fine, but I wasn't sure if it is related and might help to figure it out so I have attached pictures of those too.

IMG_4390.jpg IMG_4379.jpg


Staff member
Impossible to know without seeing what you sent. Send me a PM and I'll send you my email.

You can then forward me the same file you sent for print.


Staff member
What you're seeing in print I've seen in print too. It's basically down to digitally printing and the printers not having the correct PPD for their printer. It happens digitally with small or thin lettering when the printers don't have the correct postscript driver for the printer.

I'd ask for a reprint or a refund.