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Printing Invitations

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by rachel84, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. rachel84

    rachel84 New Member

    Hi, I have been asked to do some invitations for an engagement party, and when going through concepts with the client they have decided to have a square design 150x150mm... obviously for this kind of job a large commerical printer would charge a lot for (as it is a low run, they want 130). I wondered if anyone has had any experience with this and could recommend a printer/service i could use?
  2. dot design

    dot design Member

  3. steverushton

    steverushton New Member

    As I am new here, I won't go trying to sell you stuff (yet). A commercial "digital" printer may be your best bet. The quality is a lot better than it used to be , as a company, we always try to use Indigo presses as they give the best result. It is also worth asking your chosen supplier which colours to avoid when using digital before the concept is shown to your client.
  4. neildigital

    neildigital Member

    Hi there

    150mm square Invites
    Full colour one side
    300gsm Card
    From artwork supplied as pdf
    Delivery to one uk address
    130 copies
    £21 including delivery

  5. Eagle

    Eagle Member

    Have you looked at wedding stationers - they'll have plenty of contacts who specialise in low runs for weddings etc if they don't do it themselves. :)
  6. Poppy Design

    Poppy Design Member


    Sometimes some of the more traditional local printers might be able to help here.

    In our closest city there are a couple of printers that also advertise wedding stationery so would be in a good position to offer card printing for smaller qty's and they may be able to print onto your supplied card and trimmed to size.

    I am just starting a bespoke wedding and invite design service so will also require the services of a printer to print onto my card initially until I source a printer that suits.

    One of my clients who does bespoke handmade cards uses a HP Photosmart 5160.

    I guess it depends on the finish and thickness of the card used.

    If you find a good one let me know please! :icon_biggrin:

  7. rachel84

    rachel84 New Member

    Hi Poppy Designs,

    I ended up using a local printer who combined my project with a job they had running using the same stock thus reducing costs. It was quite a problematic job that I regretted taking on to be honest. The quote on here of £23 is a lot cheaper than what I ended up paying so perhaps you could enquire with that poster. I paid £55 for litho. Good luck with your venture :eek:)
  8. Buckyohare

    Buckyohare New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm in a similar situation, im setting up a bespoke wedding stationery company and have sent away for ALOT of samples from various printers. My main problem is that im looking for one with a selection of quality stock, not just the fairly common silky card that ive had sent through. Unless i go to Letterpress printers (which i will when im more established/more money!),they just dont seem to offer any choice - and as they will be for weddings, im looking at quantites of 100 or thereabouts. Does anyone have any suggestions? Im REALLY struggling!
    I even bought myself an A3 canon printer thinking i can print myself, but its just not working out productively in time or quality.
    I've searched and searched the internet but most places that seem perfect do the design too and aren't interested in printing for other businesses.

    Help or advise much appreciated! :)
  9. Poppy Design

    Poppy Design Member


    wow! can't believe it's been nearly 2 years since my post!

    Anyway have you looked at the Envelopments range of card? They are US based and their range is the best - however the shipping is expensive so you need to dot a couple of orders at once. I use them for all my stationey (see my site Website Design Elgin, Website Design Moray, Ecommerce design, Graphic design - Poppy Design & Graphics UK)

    Printing - I use a commercial printer - they can print and trim all the little fiddly bits fast and very accurate. I know most other wedding stationery suppliers print themselves but unless you have got £1500+ for a really good printer the end results don't seem very good to me + I really can't be bothered hand feeding everything through!

    Have you got a website etc set up?

  10. Buckyohare

    Buckyohare New Member

    Hi Joanne!

    Thanks for your feedback! Yes i recently discovered Envelopments® Mix and Match Design Line - parts for custom invitations and announcements but haven't ordered anything yet as, like you suggested, id like to get a bulk of things when i know what i need. Apparently they have suppliers in the UK, its on my list to try and find one here if possible.
    I saw your website, well done - seems you've come along way in these past 2 years!!

    May i ask who your commercial printer is? Or if you'd rather not say, how did you find them? Do they have selection of thick 'luxury' card? Or do you supply them with your own stock for them to print on?

    Im currently working on my website too, im a graphic designer not web, so its really giving me a headache! I need to get it up asap as people keep asking! So much to do, its hard knowing what to do first (esp working a full time job too, not enough time in the day!). I already have one client who is happy with what ive done so far, but shes asking about printing and i really want to find somewhere suitable so i can get cracking. Lots designed digitally but nothing printed yet!
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2010
  11. Poppy Design

    Poppy Design Member


    For Envelopments there are no trade suppliers in the UK (which is a real pain) and I think anyone that offers Envelopments in the UK is not allowed to sell trade.

    Printer - I use a local one in Elgin. The person that does them for me also offers wedding stationery which is a bonus as she understands the requirements etc
    I found I really needed a local printer for the wedding stationery as you need to take in the card and go through it all - as I said before I use the envelopments range of card materials.

    I am actually thinking of knocking the wedding stationery on the head! My main business Website Design Elgin, Website Design Moray, Ecommerce design, Graphic design - Poppy Design & Graphics UK offers ecommerce, web & graphic design and I am very busy with this + it's less hassle and makes more money! + I want to focus on an online boutique I am starting up too
    Don't let me put you off though!

    good luck
  12. Buckyohare

    Buckyohare New Member

    So it seems that the best way is to buy your own card and take it to a printers..ahhh..i worked in a printers for a year and ive never heard of that (they were a big press litho printers though so not able to). I will give that a go, the last few places ive tried didnt offer that either, but there must be somewhere in London!! Am shocked how difficult it is to find somewhere! Plenty of places with quality, not many with that kind of stock im after. I have 20 good printers if i need leaflets, none for bespoke wedding stuff!

    Interesting you say about giving up the focus of wedding stationery for your other design instead. Ive been working in a corporate world doing inhouse graphics for 3.5years and after doing 3 friends weddings i feel its helped me to become interested in design again, so im giving it a shot. Hoping it will build my confidence and get me back into why im doing it!

    Thanks for your help Joanne, i really really appreciate it. Good luck also with your boutique :)
  13. neildigital

    neildigital Member

    I do quite a lot of wedding stationery, both straight printed stuff and personalised with all the guests name and details on.

    I use a range of stocks from creams to textured, to standard uncoated and coated stocks.

  14. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    Curious issue. We produce offset and digital for short run stationery - produced everything from minor royal weddings, regimental funerals, etc etc.

    The benefit in the case of offset is the ability to print metalic and white.

    In terms of stock - anything up to 400gsm on litho, 350gsm on digital. Larger the sheet size the better (if overpint and cut for full bleed - see our relatedTwitter video on Bleed).

    Best wishes

  15. Poppy Design

    Poppy Design Member

    If you are interested in using the Envelopments range (its the best out there in terms of choice of colours, patterns, shapes etc) get in touch as I am stopping the wedding stationery so will have a pre-built website (you would need to change logo and company name/contact details + one image) + all their design studio books & swatched & samples available for sale!

  16. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    If you want to stay local find a Minuteman/Prontaprint/Kall Kwik who has at least a Xerox 700 (for quality & goes up to 350gsm) and who knows what they are doing. Ask to see samples. You should pay around £25-30.
  17. Buckyohare

    Buckyohare New Member

    Thanks everyone, thats absolutely fantastic. Ive found another good printer with LOADS of great stock but they dont take paper/card that i supply! And they are pretty pricey, but you get what you pay for i guess. I thought i was onto a winner but they only print their own stationery, same old problem i seem to be having unfortunately.

    Will use your advise Katedesign and try those above with the Xerox 700. I automatically dismissed them as i thought their quality was poor (i got print out once and was like a photocopy), but maybe worth a visit again.

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for a specific brand of linen or cotton card for invites/greeting cards? Or otherwise a good source or shop to purchase from (either in London or on internet, UK) other than the envelopment website, as you need to be a registered member first.
  18. neildigital

    neildigital Member

    I run a Xerox 700, and the quality is stunning.

    I also run upto 400gsm and many textured stocks.

    If you need any samples of your printing, let me know and hapy to run a couple off.


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