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Printing advice please


I'm having a bit of a printing nightmare at the minute which I need resolving tomorrow. Someone I know wants an A6 design printed out on card. He only actually wants 20 items printed so I was just going to print 10 sheets with 2 on each.

The problem I have is that I bought some matte finish 200g paper which isn't really working well with my inkjet printer no matter what setting I apply. It's as if the paper is soaking the ink in and the printout looks very dull and not what I was after. It works fine on thick glossy finish paper but he needs to be able to write on the printout and a glossy finish doesn't really take ink from a pen very well.

I'm going to go out and look for some card with maybe a different finish etc tomorrow but other than that I'm not sure if there's much else I can do. Do you think I'm going to have to go to an external printer? I've never asked one if they could print out such a little amount as 10 sheets though.


Tom Sound

Active Member
Mark, you need to buy card specifically for the type of printer you have as it's coated to absorb the inks. Try somewhere like pc world or a stationary company like Staples.

You can get a small quantity printed by outsourcing to a small format digital print company. They will print one sheet if you want.

There's a few digital printers on this forum or google digital printers in your area.


Staff member
just get card designed for inkjets, it sounds like the card you got is uncoated and so is soaking all the ink up.

You can get thick non glossy paper too remember :)
Cheers for the help guys. I got it sorted after realising it was the lack of coating on the paper that was causing the problem. Ended up paying £9.50 for 25 sheets of 240g/m2 matt paper. It was the cheapest I could find and the end product was exactly what I was after. Looked like they'd just came from the printers.

Thanks again