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Senior Member
Looking to buy a printer... But I've never owned one, so I have idea what to look for...

As I don't use them much (though obviously I might) I think cartridge costs are less important than printer costs, but could be wrong due to the longevity of the printer...

Any tips for when I'm buying one? Any tips for what kind and what makes? Bleh, feel like I rely on you guys too much haha...

Also any opinions on all-in-ones with scanner etc.

*goes googling for answers there aswell*

Cheers folks


I used to have one of those print / scan / copy HP jobs :) worked well for me :) printed to the edge too :) the inks weren't bad price either :) I think it was a combo cartridge at £10 a time :)
Whats your budget mate? I have quite a bit of knowledge of hardware so if u let me know your budget I can maybe do something for you mate.


Senior Member
That sounds pretty good chris,,, especially with cheap cartridges...

Hmm well I have £100 I could spend on it, but obviously if a £50 one would suffice, less is better...


Staff member
I have canon printers, an ip5200 (a4), an ix4000 (a3) and an old school bjc5500(a2). The ip5200 and ix4000 use the same ink cartridges and as such reduces costs :)


Senior Member
thats the only dowmside of the hp, heads are in the cartridges so they are fairly expensive. and it means the non hp ones not only have rubbish ink, but rubbish heads to boot!