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Printers might be able to help me out with this one - Cutting formes and InDesign


Senior Member
I have an illustration, designed in Illustrator. It needs to be die-cut. I've set up a spot colour and set it to overprint, then exported as a PDF (PDF 1). This part I've completed. Acrobat shows the separations correctly.

The PDF needs to be imported into an InDesign document which has further information.

The InDesign document then needs to be exported as a PDF (PDF 2), with the spot colours from PDF 1 included. I'm struggling with this. PDF 2 has no separations.

Can someone advise as to why they're not included and how best to go about including them please?

- - -

Edit: Nevermind. It looks like you import the file directly into InDesign as an AI file instead of PDF, unless one of you printer folk can tell me how to do it with a PDF?

Tom Sound

Active Member
Hi Neil, yes I would be inclined to import as an ai file or an illustrator eps. Could you do it all in illustrator cutting out the indesign process all together then save it as an eps with the cutter on a separate layer.

It also depends what PDF version you save it as. Early versions will convert spot colours to CMYK too.