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Printers in Scotland

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by Jen W, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Jen W

    Jen W New Member


    I'm run a small design studio in Glasgow and try to use local printers wherever possible. However, I'm not at all satisfied with the results I've had over the last couple of years, especially in terms of finishing, which is often poor, and quality control, which rarely seems to be applied.

    I'd be keen to find out if other small Scottish studios have had a similar experience, as I wonder if the lack of care given to our projects is down to the fact that we're not a big client.

    I'd also be very keen to hear from any designers who could recommend a printer in Scotland, or even the north of England, who could be relied on to produce good quality work, and who is aware of environmental issues.


  2. Toppers

    Toppers Member

    Hi there.
    Although we are based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. We do supply print Nationally. If you do require any quotations for print then we'd be more than happy to work along side your company.

    We are on the verge on re-launching our web presence with the emergence of our UNIQUE online ordering system so it is an exciting time for us (especially finding new customers from further away).

    Please feel free to visit our (soon to be updated) website at Toppers Print on Demand - Stevenage based Digital Print, Litho and Design or give us a call on 01438 746 767
  3. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

  4. kwilson1203

    kwilson1203 New Member

    Hi there,

    I own a small Publishing / Print and Design company in Falkirk.
    We've been around for nearly 5 years and our quality and prices are really competitive. Please get in touch if you are still looking for a printer — we are only a short distance away, which in my own personal opinion always helps.

  5. kyuss74

    kyuss74 New Member

    Depends what you need printed really.

    I have a couple of magazines that I get done at Scottish County Press and I'm more than happy with the quality and price. They aren't really set up for doing much else than magazines, newspapers or brochures though. Business cards, letterheads etc aren't really their thing and can be had cheaper elsewhere. Quality and price is great though.

    For standard cheap stuff I tend to use RCS but they're not ideal if you want a specific paper etc. Stewarts are the bomb if you need proper custom stuff. There isn't much they can't do and the customer service is awesome. Brian Purves is the man.:icon_thumbup: Not in Glasgow and not cheap, but they're set up for anything and the quality is spot on.
  6. kwilson1203

    kwilson1203 New Member


    I agreee, it does depend what you want done. I have also used Scottish County Press in the past after using them for a while found their quality to drop a little and their costs to increase. As a publishing company we offer the full service from design through to print.... whether it be 100 business cards or 50,000 brochures — our prices are among the best in the country and the quality has never been faulted either.

    Every job is different, however, it does help you decide if you can see some of the previous work produced. I always like to meet up with potential clients and discuss their requirements in more detail rather than over the phone where possible.

  7. Barry_S

    Barry_S New Member

    I was actually wondering this myself. I live in the Falkirk area and I am a design student currently studying Visual Communication . I am CONSTANTLY printing stuff at home and fell at times I would be as well getting someone to do it professionally. I am currently designing Wedding Invitations for my friends and possibly looking for a decent affordable printer in the area. A lot of printers have minimum order limits that are still too much for me.
  8. kwilson1203

    kwilson1203 New Member

    Hi Barry, we are based in Dundee Court, Falkirk — feel free to pop in sometime to discuss your print requirements, or give me a call on 01324 460015. I'd be happy to offer you some great prices for all kinds of printing.

  9. Barry_S

    Barry_S New Member

    Thanks Kelly , I'll keep that in might . I've nothing really to print the now but when term starts back I'll more than likely have stuff . Even though I'm a student I still prefer for my stuff to look professional and to look the best it can. Sometimes the print makes all the difference :) .
  10. kwilson1203

    kwilson1203 New Member

    No problem at all Barry, I look forward to hearing from you.

    take care,
  11. Barry_S

    Barry_S New Member

    Where exactly is Dundee Court ?, I've tried looking on google maps and it comes up with Just off the High St , near Rattray rd / Mission Lane . But it doesn't say Dundee court , and I can't think of units in that area .

    P.S: I found your website LMK :)

  12. kwilson1203

    kwilson1203 New Member

    Hi Barry,

    Its just off Mission Lane...... if you find Greggs the bakers in the High Street opposite BHS, we're just through the lane on the right hand side and upstairs.

  13. Barry_S

    Barry_S New Member

    I 100% know where Greggs is lol . . . I've got a wedding to do , so I might pop in and see how much stuff would be . The woman is looking for roughly 60 Invitations (Possible 2 invites per A4, size depending) so prob 30 A4 pages appox + 30 menus (30 , A4 Covers + 30, A4 Inserts)

    Would an order like this be possible? or would this be too small ?? .

  14. kwilson1203

    kwilson1203 New Member

    No order too small Barry!!! Pop in and I can discuss options with you no problem.

    Kelly :)
  15. Barry_S

    Barry_S New Member

    Cool , might pop in tomorrow about half 11 or so . . .
  16. kwilson1203

    kwilson1203 New Member

    no problem about popping in but I have a meeting at 11am tomorrow and another at 2pm.
    Its my only day of meetings this week!!

    If you could make it around 12.30pm I would be able to have a chat with you no problem, or after 4pm.
    Hope this is ok :)
  17. Barry_S

    Barry_S New Member

    Yea , I could make it for 12:30 . That would be fine. . Im also free earlier in the morning aswell. Looking after my partners nephews in the afternoon so wouldn't be free later. :)
  18. kwilson1203

    kwilson1203 New Member

    no problem, see you at 12.30pm :)

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