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Printer / scanner / copier


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Hello all!
I'm only a College student but I'm looking to buy a good printer/scanner/copier, baring in mind my budget is only around 60pounds at most, which are considered the best models of printer? I know I'm not going to get anything special for the small budget but I don't want to go buying one that will break on me or be terrible quality haha :)



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Hi Aimee,
Sorry can't help with scanner advice, but just wanted to let you know I've moved your thread to the design equipment forum as it seemed to make more sense being here, hope that's OK :)


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right first - yes I know it's over budget but there's a reason for it :)

I prefer canon printers as I think that epson gives prints that are too saturated, I use canon printers for my work.

The one I'm suggesting is the Canon PIXMA MG5150. It can be had for £74 on amazon although google is listing it as cheap as £55 but I don't know the companies so can't vouch for them.

The reason I've picked this printer/scanner/copier is purely due to the fact is uses more than 2 ink cartridges (5 I think) and in the long run this will save you money - basically spend a little more now, save on ink down the line. The amount of times I've run out of one colour is surprisingly high and only needing to replace that one cartridge instead of 3 is much better as I'd otherwise waste the other 2 inks in that 'colour' cartridge.

If you can't stretch the budget a little, then go down to tesco's and look at their hp deals, they had some pretty good deals on last time I was there, they're a little more expensive on the cartridge prices but they're pretty good printers.