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Printed Greetings Cards


Junior Member
Hello everyone - first post so please be gentle with me.

I'm looking for a printer for some greetings cards - I have artwork as I'm currently working with some designers but this is very early stages of the business for me.

I'd be looking at a run of about 5 - 10 designs and 100 cards each. Size wise I'd need 150 x 150 mm, full colour front but blank inside.

I want decent paper with "texture" :)

Anyone available to quote me?


Tom Sound

Active Member
Hi Cupcake,

you want to be looking for a digital printer to get the best quote for a quantity of 100off each, but you may have trouble getting a digital print on a textured paper.

If you're set on getting the textured paper then you will probably need a litho printer, but the cost will be considerably more due to the setup involved.

Not something we do, just thought I'd flag up that you might have issues, good luck!

Tom :up:


Senior Member
Hi Cupcake...

not somewhere alot of people think of straight away, but Staples near me are happy for me to source the paper I wanted (laid) and print and cut for a recent wedding invite.

manchester branch
Unit A, 118-124 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2GQ
t: 0161 817 3490
f: 0161 817 3491


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Aok is a common digital stock, other than that they can do it (digital) but may have to order paper in for you. I just had my wedding invites done digitally on 'textured' stock will pm you a link
Hi Cupcake that is something we would be able to print for you and we have both a Litho press and Digital Press, have you found a textured paper yet or would like some suggestions?

We can print on most textured papers on digital press. Do you know roughly what paper weight you want for your cards? 350 gsm?