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5 minutes is a bit kind. That's a shocking attempt of a website, really horrible. I know they like cheap products, but skimping on a website wasn't their brightest idea. Maybe they're trying to reflect their true personality?
Holy Shit!

New? I never seen the old site but WTF is this if its new;

<font size="1" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">© Copyright 2001-2005 All rights reserved. </font>
Not to mention that the font tag is depreciated. What the hell is with all the to create space and the 2005 date.

Whats worse is that this was designed in MICROSOFT WORD.. look at the code.. its full of the office shite and smarttags that MS tried to implement years ago.

<meta name=ProgId content=Word.Document>
<meta name=Generator content="Microsoft Word 11">
<meta name=Originator content="Microsoft Word 11">
That has to be the WORST website I have EVER seen and I mean even from Frontpage days too.

I dont think this is a new site but instead something they pulled out of a backup/archive? maybe they are having server issues and it is pointing to an old version.

Man.... That is crazy.


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primark is one of the most hated things in my life!

i made this because of dislike for them and their conterparts/contemporaries.

Darren said:
I dont think this is a new site but instead something they pulled out of a backup/archive? maybe they are having server issues and it is pointing to an old version.

Man.... That is crazy.
I'm pretty sure when I looked it up a few months back, it was the same site :\


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It's because the pay children in India about 2p a day to sew, I guess they're not trained in web design/dev too.

Although, my missus was wearing some hot (and I mean hot) knickers last night and it turns out they were from Primark, so I quite like them at the moment.
Cant beat a bit of Primani.

£4 for a v neck knit?

£1.50 for a plain white round neck?

Balls to the website - they keep their prices low. I doubt they'll be shutting up any shops during this credit crunch we're in.

- and Harry - i can vouch for you're missus's hot knickers...

...our lass gets a few bits and bobs from there too.
I am just back from the gym and had to have another look at this as I only had 5 minutes before. Someone should really write a paper on this as an example of what NOT to do. In fact it might even be worth while compiling a list of problems and emailing them.

From one page I can see multiple problems including one large security issue that is quite a concern and obvious. ( which i wont mention on here in case it instantly gets abused :) )

This really is the most appaling code i have ever seen and for a huge company like Primark, it is really odd that they just dont pay a couple of grand for a complete new site. The amount of content on there is no big deal, there is not much functionality so its not a huge job. A simple static site would do.

I mean.. what does that say about a company with a turnover and employee count like this;

Revenue: 1,933m (2008)
Employees: 27,500
I am going to call them in the morning :)
Yeah I am not really going to call them, it was a bad expression. They dont need software from the company i work for to run their site and I dont think they would want to pay 7 figures either.

I do also do freelance work too as a developer, but this site does not need functionality judging my the content. It simply needs a nice design (which is not hard as it is already an established brand) and coded in lurvly css :)

But to be honest someone probably should call them asap and do them a favour, the security issue is a pretty big concern and entry point to negotiations with them.
Darren said:

Heads Up: You spelled Community wrong on your portfolio title.
Yeah cheers mate - its been like that for a while - just aint got round to sorting it (along with a mass update of work - bring on the easter weekend!).


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Primark is still pretty sh*t though. I've never bought anything from there and I wouldn't based on that site.

Taking her shopping elsewhere on Monday with any luck, get some better quality and more expensive even hotter stuff, so Primark is kinda obsolete :D