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Pricing: Logos, stationary, websites? How much is to much?


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Hi all Im a freelance designer just starting out, trying to close deals with; 'joe public' clients! However Im finding it hard to figure out how much is to much to charge? :confused:

So I ask the following?

Logo alone = £

Logo + stationary = £

Logo + website = £

logo + stationary + website = £

Just looking for figures not advice on time-sheets.
Thanks all :D


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Welcome to DF, we've had similar topics to this before, and the final answer from all the threads is it depends on your experience, portfolio & from there how you calculate your hourly rate.

How much commercial experience do you have?
Have you completed similar jobs before?

Also, impossible to state a price for a website without additional info, there's far too many variables to add any kind set price to web design.


P.S. Will move this thread to the Business section as probably more suited there.
Hi Nero, welcome to the forums.

Generally I would charge by the hour. So firstly work out your hourly rate and then quote by how much time it would take you to complete from experience. If you have no experience you could try a few test runs with briefs from friends, off the web etc and then go from there.