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Pricing issue

Ok, so im going to meet someone today to discuss my 2nd web design job!
My first was a friend I know so discussing rates/prices wasnt too bad.

I really dont know how much to charge for my services at the moment as I only have the one website to showcase.

The client is a fashion photographer and wants a website similar to these: (but without the flash as I dont do flash yet :( )

Photographer | Fotografo Paolo Boccardi

Ginger - Tom Hoops Photography

Is £150 for this TOO much seen as im a beginner?
Any ideas of help would be much appreciated. Im going to meet her in less than 3 hours!


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What's the quote for Hippy?
Just the design, or design & coding?
Will they be providing all the content, text and images?


Also are you doing any corporate ID work for them too (like logo design etc) as that will add more time to the process.. :)
Im not sure on that yet, at the moment I just need a foundation quote for the website deisgn and coding!
Any extras I will figure out lol


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more than £150- i did £350 for a 5 page site (designed and coded myself)

your websites are produced really nicely imo, they're not ****e like when i started.

but then again it's about what you feel comfortable with.

if you don't sound convincing or like you can back it up, people wont buy it. :)


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CMS = Content management system.

so that they can enter their own products or values into their website without your interference


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CMS is a content management system (like wordpress / joomla) - it means the client can log in and update things themselves.

Something like the sites you showed would be considerably more than £150 worth of work... but it really is hard to price until you know what they want.

You could always just discuss in the meeting then get a written proposal to them of content/pages price. That's what I tend to do, I never give prices in the first meeting I like to have time to think it though/plan it out and put it all in writting. Then you have clearly outlined what work you are doing for what price if extras are added it's clear they we're not in the initial quotation.

This might be helpful for a slider effect, you don't need to know javascript to use it AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin | CSS-Tricks


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Grrrrrrrrrrrr......... I'm hungry.......

£150 is far, far to cheap to do this in terms of effort and result.
Bearing in mind your experience level I would wade in with £750 and settle for £495.
That is still cheap.....

Here are some guidelines to compare yourself with:-
An average fashion photographer should charge £500minimum - £750 - £1500 a day.
A fashion model from an agency will cost £500 - £2000 a day... depending on who it is
...so how do you feel now?

Don't underestimate your efforts or the importance of the website to him



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Although im starting to sound like a "Berry Fan boi" each day :) ... i have to agree with him, Hippy, you need to look at what your client will be getting out of the site you have designed and developed. lets say he his new site allows him to mark-up an additional 10-20% on to his charges for his clients (based upon what berry as suggested as the going rates) you can see that your costing of £150 - £750 he will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Always come in high, and lower your price for less functionality.