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pricing help and advice needed please

Hi Everyone, It's been a little while sinse I was last on here, hope everyone is well.

I really need some help and advice please. I have my own sole trader design business. I design various things for various people. I also sell my own work art at markets and via me website. I have been approached by a person who owns a local, small scale brewery who would like to use three of my pictures that I have been selling as prints, on beer bottle labels and pump clips. They have asked what my terms are for the use of the images. Whilst I have a price list for designing new stuff I am not sure what to charge for the use of images that I have already designed.

There is potentially more work from this prospective customer in terms of future new labels and re-design of existing (they have told me this already) so I want to find a price that will keep me in the running for this future potential work. Whilst I appreciate you guys won’t be able to give specific figures I would be interested in your thoughts on this.

Many thanks


Well-Known Member
I had a similar request last year and I wasn't sure what to charge. I decided on 40-50% of what it would've cost
for me to produce that image and the client seemed happy with that.