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Pricing a 120 page brochure!!

Hi guys,

Some advice needed. I'm putting together a price for a 120 page brochure (i've never put anything together of this scale). I usually price £50/£75 per page usually for 12 page brochures etc. I can't charge £6k for design :D

I'm not really sure how long this kind of project will take - they are supplying all copy and images however so I won't be trawling around looking for imagery etc.

any help would be apprecaited.



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If thats your going rate on a page by page basis then i would use that, calculate the costs. Your obviously worth that much for a 12 page brochure by your own omission, so 120+ is no different. Don't sell your self short just because its a bigger project then before.


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doesn't it depend on the pages, if it's 120 pages with the exact same layout then 6K might be a bit harsh but if it's 120 individually laid out pages then 2-3 hours per page is kind of acceptable in my view so....

Tom Sound

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Yes I agree with Geoff, your first quote should be at your usual page rate, £50/75 per page is what, an hour and a half-ish a page? But, you should make it clear to them that it depends on the content and layout. If you can set up a template for a lot of the pages of text for instance with pictures placed fairly simply the most time spent on these pages would be the approval process. In which case your price will drop as you'll take less time. If you have to create unique backgrounds or page layouts then your price per page would stick as your original page rate.

So yes, be firm about your initial quote at your usual page rate but discuss with them how the price could reduce if the work is simplified and time shortened so as not to price yourself out of the game.

Find out as much as you can about the content and layouts required first but don't sell yourself short as it could be well over a month's work. :up:


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Remember a 120 page brochure would, I can only imagine, need alot more thought on the layout and fluidity than a smaller brochure. Hence extra work involved there
I have had similar dilemas moving from smaller projects to larger ones. I also felt that was hard to charge so much but I stuck with my guns and eventually all turned out fine.

In the end listen to what your insticts tell you. But also usually get higher rates for smaller jobs.

1 page job -100
10 page job 75/80
50 page job 60
100 page job ?

something like that I suppose.