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Preparing to become a freelance graphic designer!



On my quest to become a fully fledged freelance graphic designer, I have been exploring Illustrator and it's plethora of essential tools - I've run into something I cannot figure out on my own and that is why I'm here - however, I fully intend to become a contributing member of this community, to share my knowledge and opinion to any who want it in return :)


Hi there, sorry I completely forgot about this thread, haha.

I'm based in Worthing, South East of England.

I got into computers at around the age of 13. I started learning HTML and the basics of web design through Dreamweaver (not using the GUI mode) at around the age of 14/15, was heavily involved in gaming for about a year after that which has given me a life goal of completing a game - something I'm also very passionate about.

When I was about 16 I started learning how to use Paint Shop Pro and started putting together very basic websites and getting more into graphic design. I eventually made the switch to Photoshop after years of saying "Oh they're basically exactly the same program... but I don't have to get a mortgage for one of them!" Youth eh?

I did a level 2 BTEC IT Practitioners after high school, which was a complete waste of my time. The day I was told to create a website in power point and that I'd get no extra point for creating one with HTML was the day I lost faith in public education... It also didn't help that our teacher knew nothing of Dreamweaver and in fact I had to show people how to use the program... I could write a book on the many ways that course frustrated me... I decided to go it on my own as far as learning was concerned, it has proved to be much more efficient - but you really have to be resourceful if you want to go this route.

Another BTEC in Public Services later (I really had no idea what I wanted to do but the police seemed like a good idea at the time) and I started getting into photography. I went and bought a Canon 550D with money I saved from my tedious full-time job at Somerfield (now The Co-Operative). I suppose I should thank them really, as they provided me with the unwavering desire to never want to work in a near minimum wage employee situation ever again. Not even in my next life, if I get one.

An AS in Law, Business and English Language later I've learned Photoshop and am currently learning Illustrator - Just finished my first logo job using illustrator - I can show it to you if you want, you can point out all the flaws for me :)

I'm 21 and last year I decided that graphic design is what I want to do career wise. I'm currently working on a website for a dance company and after that I will hopefully be creating my own branding; website, business cards etc. That's if I stop re-designing my own brand and manage to actually pick one!

That's me in a (rather large) nutshell really. Sorry if it was a bit long leelovesbikestoo, but your Design Brief was rather vague so I had to make my own decisions without any information. If you would like to change it, it will cost you £25 an hour, minimum charge of £25. ;)