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Predictions for F1 Season 2010


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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to see what shouts people have for this with all the changes to the sport for the 2010 season. Who have people got for the title and for what reason?

With the progress Mclaren were making from the end of last season I am going to place my bet's on Lewis Hamilton for his second championship. I think Schumacher will be a close contender but I dont think he has what it takes to drive the car like the other guys do.

I'm not going to cancel out Sebastian Vettel either I think he is in for a shout for this years title.


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tbh i really hope Schumacher flops. I dunno why, just the evil part of me i guess.

I'd like to see Webber do well, he comes across as such a nice guy and I really felt for him when he took the race in which Button won the title. Real thunder stealer
Graham Hill to win this year.

Stirling Moss second.

I met Stirling Moss once at Silverstone.
He's a right little fella I can tell you.

that's it

just thought I'd mention it.

I'll get my coat.


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Mike said:
he comes across as such a nice guy and I really felt for him when he took the race in which Button won the title. Real thunder stealer
Mark Webber is an arsey t**t am afraid to say hes so up his own ass! Me and a friend met him in the Silverstone VIP canteen and he did nothing else but ignore us and the people around him.

As for Schuey! He's probably the best driver i've ever come across too date! I really really dont like seeing the guy winning because he's so good at what he does and this is the reason I am a Massive massive fan of Hamilton! Hamilton will push him to his limits and hamilton wont give up until he beats him. Hamilton has sooooo much passion for the sport and he knows he's the best at what he does, I think he'll match and beat Schumacher all next season!

Sounds so sad but am sooo excited for the start of the season, it really is gunna be an edge of ya seat year!
Predictions .. Well I think schumacher will be champ. But I want Vettel for champ
I also think Alonso will do good, now he's with ferrari.
Button and Hamilton will suck this year ... I think

I just want Red Bull to win! :p

But I think this is the most difficult season to make predicitions ... There are so many changes ...


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lol sorry about this JoGA but you are going to have to explain the "Button and Hamilton will such this year" thing to me..Why is this?

I see your from Belgium, all I can say to you is "Eau Rouge"...nothing else like it! for those who dont know what that check this video:

YouTube - Hamilton & Rossiter - Eau Rouge

at the top of this hill they are htting about 180mph and the corner is totally blind, the drivers are litrally guessing where to direct the car...
Francorchamps is the best track in F1 I think. And i'm not saying that because i'm form Belgium ;)

Well I don't know ... Two british people together in one team ... and I'm just guessing mclaren will suck this year :p

Ow and I hate hamilton a little bit :p I do think he's a talented driver, but he's unfair on track ( sometimes )
Being unfair gets you places in my Opinion, Hamilton is an agressive driver and being kind or unfair on the track drops you down the grid, I think you have to be that way and have to push hard when he was in the position he was in 2009. Think back to Juan Pablo Montoya drove for Williams, he was a great driver until he was basically bullied to leave the sport.

As for SPA, its a beautiful circuit even on the simulators its amazing! Eau Rouge is amazing, I know I keep going back to that but did you see BBC showing of how steep that hill was? Absolute crazy!, however the changes to Rivage seemed a little uncalled for I didnt see thier reasons for this.

Why is it you hate Hamilton is it just his attitude to the track and his driving?

I know for sure Mclaren have a competative car this season, it should be very interesting to see the Schuey Brawn team together again...
Dear Mr Glen A Wheeler ( :p )

Hamilton is indeed an agressive driver, so is Sato, but he's aggresive in a different way. Hamilton is (not always offcourse) unfair when he go's really agressive. That's only my opinion though.
Well I searched on youtube for one, but I didn't found one. I also can't remember one ... i do remember watching BBC and thinking 'you lame bastard!' :p

Am I right when I have the feeling you are a Hamilton fan? ;)

Don't get me the wrong way though, I do think he's a very talented man.
Sorry but my English isn't good enough to do such an explination ... It's because sometimes he does things do get someone in the grass or something like that ... and if people do the same to himself, he's complaining afterwards.
lol but again I would need to know when? Hamilton covers his race positions well and if it means shutting the door on someone then thats within the rules of the sport. This is why I got annoyed with the overtaking menouver at spa in 2008 on Kimi...Hamilton jum the apex yes...gave the position back...and then over toom kimi again yet Hamilton got penalised for it...the race stewards really baffle me at times...I dnt think ive seen Hamilton complain yet when hes been forced onto the grass because he knows its within the rules...22 cars going at 120mph towards a corner all at once is very dangerous and these guys are trained and experienced to avoid this type of situation...