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Possible Forum Hacking attempt...


Sorry, longtime quiet browser on these forums but thought it important to flag up my experience this evening!

Had a random email from a forum admin account informing me that my account had an attempted/failed login 5 times this evening - this was most definitely not the case!

The email from the forum kindly had an IP Address of the person attempting to access my account, and the IP pointed to an address on Beijing, China (I'm in Bristol, UK!)

Either way, I've now reset my password - but thought it might be useful for others to double check their security settings and consider resetting passwords, as it seems the GDF is under threat!

I realise this may be overkill to post about, but better to be safe than sorry!


Staff member
As you're using your real name, it's likely your name was picked up by spam bots and attempted to log in here. The security system in place will lock your account after 5 failed login attempts, this is to make it more difficult for spam bots to hack accounts.

For this reason, probably a good idea to reset other passwords associated with your account, like your email or if you display(ed) social media links.

The worst that would happen would be that posts would be posted in your name on the forum offering to "love you long time" or other related posts of that nature.

Resetting your password was wise, using your real name on forums is not. And if you use your real name with your email accounts it would be wise to change the password their too, as a spam bot has your details and is trying to assimilate you, and resistance is futile! Or is it...
I've just had this too.

Not logged in to this site in a couple years but had a forum hacking attempt email.

This username is unique to this site and I certainly hope my email isn't publicly visible on the site somewhere.

What's even stranger is that the IP address used seems to be an TOR exit router. I've never used TOR.

This is a Tor Exit Router

Either someone who knows what their doing or perhaps it was from a bot network?

In addition to that I also logged in to find 2 Spam private messages from wawd trying to get me to click links.

Perhaps it's time to upgrade to a more secure piece of forum software like XenForo, which is much more secure than vBulletin and has excellent spam protection tools.


Stationery Direct

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There is no real fix to this guys, I have looked into it already. The system is doing as it should which is emailing the user to make them aware, I don't really know why they bother as any spam that is posted will be deleted straightaway.


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For some reason I thought you might be able to just eliminate the entire ip range (all of China) as being able to access the forums...

Stationery Direct

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Yeah you can but then its not just China, there are loads of other IPs too.

I was looking at xenforo but to be honest I don't have the time to make the change.