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Portfolio Website

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by j.edmund, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. j.edmund

    j.edmund Junior Member

    Hey all,

    Recently we had a job fair in my university's design school, so it was a wake-up call to make a portfolio!

    Here's the main attraction: j.edmund portfolio
    And here's some nice little extras, some of which are part of the more physical aspect of the portfolio: j.edmund blog Stuff I’ve been working on.

    When I get a minute to breathe, I plan on really putting some miniscule detail into it to make it shine, and fix up some of the things that aren't working so well. I've gotten feedback from other places around the web, but I'd love some more!
  2. Adam

    Adam Senior Member

    There's something not quite right with your 'star' type logo, it doesn't look like its symmetrical or same angles? Is it meant to be like that?

    I noticed it straight away on your Workstation picture as your desktop, then can't stop noticing it on your avatar etc now :p
  3. j.edmund

    j.edmund Junior Member

    Yeah, on my wallpaper and avatar its cropped, modeled more after the front of my business card. It's the full asterisk on everything else. I just needed some spice in my life after seeing it for so long. :p
  4. electricalyce

    electricalyce Member

    I like it! It's different and good layout! The only thing I miss is a home page, to give a good first impression.
  5. jHouse

    jHouse Senior Member

    The Hevetica Ultralight is reeeealllly hard to read. Also how come the links in the Portfolio section dont work?
  6. j.edmund

    j.edmund Junior Member

    The links on the left side were kind of placeholder for when I put my other works up... a.k.a things that aren't quite the centerpieces. The actual portfolio is on the right hand side represented by those thumbnail links.

    It's a bit confusing, I should remove them until they're live.
  7. captainrage

    captainrage Senior Member

    I like it. It's smooth, simple and clean.. The only thing I have a problem with is the 'about' blurb.. I started reading it and was rolling my eyes.. You're creative, be creative with the copy. Dictionary definitions are so 1996..
  8. Aarlev

    Aarlev Member

    Hi Justin,

    I really like it. Clean simple and to the point and some of your work is great. I especially enjoyed the 'Rakujitsu' project.

    My suggestion would be to change the way you display your work. I feel that the thumbnails are too small and don't add anything to the design or user experience. Your work presents itself much better in the bigger view you have when clicking a thumbnail in my opinion. Perhaps you could get rid of the thumbnails altogether and just display the work like that? This would help pad out the front page a bit more as it seems a bit empty, while simultaneously giving people quicker access to your work.

    Hope that helps!

  9. j.edmund

    j.edmund Junior Member

    Haha, really? Is it that cheesy? The blurb quite accurately describes my opinion on the subject, so at least for now I think I'm going to keep it as-is. Sorry!

    Hmm, I thought about this. The problem that I found was that work was bigger, but not quite as big as it should be if I displayed them all on the same page. It created a lot of rather nasty negative space (the bad kind) on the left-hand side as there was not enough text in that column to balance the large pictures far down the page. Also, I find page scrolls to be quite ugly and was trying to minimize that.

    The minimalism as I see it is just kind of my aesthetic—if you look through the blog post I posted, the corresponding physical portfolio also has the same kind of minimalism. Do you think it's a bad thing or possibly its misused?

    Also, some of my pictures are too large in the lightbox, and I'm aware of it. It is an extra click to get to the work, but I wonder if it's worth it—being able to see it in a large window without having to make any huge design compromises surely isn't a bad thing, is it?

    Thanks for the ongoing feedback! It is really helpful, and I appreciate it. :)

    Anyway, here are some newer works that I just posted in my blog: j.edmund blog Masks, brochures, and posters almost as big as you.

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