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Portfolio Video For My Website

I have made a new graphic design showreel, it showcases a very small amount of my work and I tried to show a wide range in diversity; maybe I should have focused on my strengths as a designer? Let me know what you think as I will take constructive criticism onboard.

Cheers Tom


Staff member
A quarter of it is filled with your 'intro brand' and then the rest seems to be a recording of you looking at webpages...

Paul Murray

Staff member
Not 100% sure a showreel works for a design portfolio, unless you do something creative with the layered files in After Effects such as have each element animate in some way until the design is complete. I had a similar issue at uni when I tried to fit websites I'd designed onto 2 portrait A4 pages for my print portfolio. The two formats just don't work together and I couldn't really showcase my work in the best light. I feel this is what's happening here, websites are interactive but you're taking the interactivity away from users and thus not giving them the chance to experience them as they should be.