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Portfolio Review

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by unbornink, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. unbornink

    unbornink New Member

  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Looks good but some of the images give me an error: "The requested content cannot be loaded.
    Please try again later."

    Am I seeing a little smily face at the very bottom-left of the page or am I imagining it?

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Really like the design and layout, good job. I do get the same errors Paul does though.
  4. spottypenguin

    spottypenguin Active Member

    Also getting the same errors.

    Like the designs. The only "criticism" I would say is it all looks VERY Photoshop, may be better to show more of a range?
  5. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Well-Known Member

    Where are the image errors? I'm not getting of them here?
  6. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    None for me either IE9
  7. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Well-Known Member

    Sorry, Safari. Working a treat.
  8. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    It's only the thumbnails that link to your homepage, 4 of the thumbs on the 3rd row down for example.

    Also, the text beneath the thumbs trails off but then isn't visible anywhere when you view the image larger. A little background information is always good for helping people understand you work.

    It would also be nice if I could scroll through the images when they're larger without having to close one and move onto the next one :icon_smile:
  9. HarryField

    HarryField Member

    Great layout, easy to look at, good job.

    I am not seeing any of these errors either by the way (safari).
  10. andyd8

    andyd8 Member

    Apart from the errors stated, I like.

  11. Wardy

    Wardy Well-Known Member

    Errors for me too (Firefox)

    There's some really nice images there, maybe too many. A lot of it is a bit repetitive, and a lot to scroll through. The illustrations are all very similar, using the same image but with different backgrounds.
    Quality, not quantity.:icon_wink:
  12. unbornink

    unbornink New Member

    Thanks everyone for your comments :) glad to hear you like it!

    I've now sorted the missing content issue, and yes there is a tiny little smiley face at the bottom :)

    If you click on the title, it will take you through to indivdual pages with more information etc, you can also scroll through the work this way too. (I've started into looking at making this more obvious, or just removing the lightboxes all together)

    Thanks, I've collated the "Little Elliot" illustrations into one section, rather than individual ones.

    Thanks again all for your comments and suggestions :)
  13. milkminnie

    milkminnie New Member

    I love it well done. Love the hire me tab. Was a little slow loading my end, but that could be my browser.

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