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Portfolio Review

I like the site layout and the content (maybe it was just me but it took several seconds to load ~6), just a few comments about it:

- When I click on the + sign in the top right corner I can't close it because of the 'hire me' button on the right.
- I really like the 'heart' feature that anyone can click and doesn't need to register for it to work, as well as it being good for your to get a little instant feedback. (how did you get hold of it?)
- I think the portfolio is a little too random, with some photo manipulations, illustrations, logos and web designs, maybe having some clusters or sections (always on the same page) to make it easier to find specific types of work?
- I like your style, especially the photo manipulations!
Thanks for the feedback.

I'll have to relocate the 'for hire' tab possibly to the top to avoid the overlap :)
The heart feature is a vote/rating feature for Wordpress, i've had it laying around for sometime so i'll pass it on.
There is a list of 'skills' on the left navigation which should sort out the types of work, maybe i'll look at making it more obvious

and thanks again, hopefully now the site is up i'll have more time to finish some more photo manipulations :D
Ah yes, just saw it now that you pointed it out... I think its also a little buggy because I can't see all the skills, only the top 3 (I can see all 6 for a split second before the social network icons appear) - it might bebecause of my screen; 15.6" as you can see here:

Also, I would use 'Hire me' rather than 'For Hire' although I think they both work :p