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Portfolio Logo Help


New Member
Hi everybody!

I'm new, so I'll get to the point quickly - I created a logo that serves two things at once for my portfolio - it is my signature, as well as the portfolio's logo -

And here is how it looks on my website -

My aim was to create a logo that speaks out my name - Nick S. My question to all the creative minds out there - is it too confusing? Does it stink of oriental stuff? How can I improve it? Thank you very much!
Hi Nick,

I would say, play with it more, turn your signature into a masterpiece, dont be scared to venture down new avenues.

It took me a bit to find the "n" in your signature because my brain kept associating it with a check mark. Did you mean for it to be that abstract? Does it really represent who you are as far as style? Does it get the job done? And are you in love with it?

That's all I had to add.


Well-Known Member
I think it's fine, maybe just needs refining a bit.

I did exactly the same with my monogram, but I refined and streamlined it to make it look more like a logo, and I always make
sure I have my name there too in case it's not too obvious. I keep mine more in the background as it really only means something to me.


New Member
Thanks for the advice, guys! Will keep this in mind, back to the drawing board :D

P.S. And I really am in love with my monogram xD


Staff member
I'd be just inclined to give it a tickle in Illustrator and make it vectors.
Maybe make the tick of the N and the flick on the S (top right) follow the same direction and curve.

If you draw it as a single stroke/path you could use some calligraphic brushes or even something more inky or charcoal like.
There are some really nice brushes in AI and loads to download for free.

Just a thought. ;)