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Portfolio Critique


I graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic Design last year, and for almost half a year I've been trying to get a job without success. I've only managed to get a couple of freelance jobs but its hard to even find work for that. I've applied been applying non stop I've managed to get about 5-10 interviews but I was unsuccessful... The last place I got an interview for said they had over 200 applicants and I was one of 3 they chose (still didn't get the job however) I'm a shy person without much experience so maybe thats why I dont get the job...

Anyway, I wanted to ask for a critique/general opinion of my portfolio. I'm proud of the things Ive done since I've improved a lot, but when I compared my work to other students I feel like my work is average and not impressive.

Also I would like a critique of my logo which is at the top of the website. My initials are S E. I like the design but I feel like it needs improvement, I'm just not sure how. (im planning to do a self branding project to add to my folio so I want to perfect my logo first)

Thank you~