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Portfolio Critique

Hi Iain,

To be perfectly honest I prefer your old site. The new one seems very unfinished and just doesn't seem to have any flow to it, it seems a bit all over the place. I think what does this is the way you have put together the three large links in the middle. I don't really like them at all, the way you have laid out the text just doesn't work. One thing editors have always said is they hate it when people start a sentence with one word at the end of the line, or when a word is too long for the line and becomes hyphenated, you've kind of taken it a step further and cut the word apart all together. It would look much better if you kept the words on one line. How ever I don't think you need them there at all, they just seem out of place.

I think in place of the three links perhaps you could have a slide show of your work, at the moment I could see many people getting to the first page and not going any further, you need to give them an idea of what you're about straight away, grab them as soon as they enter!
Much better Iain. As far as I can see you've done a pretty good job, it's simple yet affective and it seems much more appealing with the examples of your portfolio and great work there too btw.
I wouldn't exactly call that a Web Design. You've just taken a Drupal theme and added your logo to it?

Nothing wrong with using a theme or existing template if you don't have any web design skills and just want to show your work, but to try and pass it as your own design is pushing it a bit I think.
I chose drupal for its flexibility and ease of use. I certainly didnt design the entire theme which is why the links are down the bottom of my site to the creators page, but chose is because it was so simple, the whole idea of my portfolio site being to show my design work and logo as a brand. When i put Web design by myself, i meant i created the layout as such, and chose its content - and also it shows people I set up the site myself.