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Portfolio critique please - scwebco.

Hey, this is my first portfolio site, got it uploaded and just now needing to get work to fill up the portfolio gallery. Please tell me what you think :)


Also, what would you say is the best way to get work, or to get more content for my portfolio gallery? Do free work, or cheap work?

Thanks, Scott Cunningham
Might be just me but I hate the gradients on the homepage. Solid colour would work better. The blog could do with the same navigation as the rest of the site so it doesn't look like it's going to a different site. However I do like the navigation! Simple and looks good, nice work there.

As for getting work in your portfolio, NO free work! Make up some fictional projects for yourself or ask here in the forum for people to make up some project briefs that you can work on. That should fill up your portfolio nicely. Clients don't usually care if the project is made up, so long as you can do the work.
Thanks for your feedback :) I will take a look at what it looks like with solid colour. I agree the blog does need the same kind of styling, that will be the next thing I work on, still not too up to scratch yet with wordpress customizing though, but definitely is something I am going to change.

I think I will ask the forum for some fictional projects, that sounds like a fun idea, should I create a new thread for that?

Thanks, ScottCunningham
Wordpress is pretty easy to style. It's pretty much basic HTML around php functions. Maybe having your whole site on Wordpress would help. My own portfolio is completely Wordpress and having the blog on it as well makes it feel more integrated.

To be honest I'm not so sure, I haven't been around this forum long enough to know things like that. My best guess would be the Private Forum but don't shoot me if it needs to be moved! Haha.

Good Luck!