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Portfolio CMS advice?

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by Rutland yO, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Rutland yO

    Rutland yO New Member

    I have just started university and will be wanting to update my website a lot with all my new work ect, the thing is i have always designed and coded my own websites, but with all this new work, deadlines and partys coming up, i want a decent CMS that is suitable for a portfolio, the only pages i really care about is a homepage, portfolio page and a contact page. Iv looked over a few but can't seem to find any i like, is anyone on here using one and if so what one?

  2. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    Hello. My site is based on Wordpress. Just google 'wordpress portfolio themes' and see what you get.
    Mine is customised, but there are lots of great looking off-the-shelf ones.
  3. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    I find ModX CMS is very good. User friendly and quick to update with a really flexible method for plumbing in your own design. That said Wordpress is good too and so is Drupal (there we go, that's my full set of CMS experience). Here's a ridiculously long list...

    AdaptCMS Lite
    ATutor PHP
    BEdita PHP
    CMS Made Simple
    Exponent CMS
    eZ Publish
    Frog CMS
    Gamboo Web Suite
    Habari PHP
    KnowledgeTree Document Management System
    Mambo PHP
    MiaCMS PHP
    Midgard CMS
    MODx PHP
    MySource Matrix (Squiz)
    Nucleus CMS
    Opus PHP
    Pixie (CMS)
    RavenNuke CMS
    Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
    Tribiq CMS
    whCMS PHP
    Website Baker
    Xaraya PHP

    Let us know what you decide on. All should leave you time to party though :)
  4. DougBarned

    DougBarned Member

    Agreed, WordPress sounds like your best bet. It is:

    Very user friendly. Fast. Easy to template and switch between templates. If it cant do something you want, it's likely there's a free (most are free) plugin that will get it done for you.

    Let us know which you choose and how you get on :)

  5. Rutland yO

    Rutland yO New Member

    I diddnt like any of the CMS's i have tried, so iv gone for the hard work approach of designing my own ... just keeping the design simple. John Rutland Graphic Design - Home
  6. tezdread

    tezdread Member

    I would never have thought Graphic design | Logo design | Retail brand identity | Packaging graphics | Ramsgate, Kent | Paul Cartwright Branding was built on

    I've only just installed WordPress (been using for a while), applied a theme and I've got a lot to get my head around with it so any good places for sound info would be nice?
  7. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    Yes - thank you. I designed the basics of it in Dreamweaver and then had it done re-done by into a Wordpress theme.
    I'm still tinkering with how the content works/looks, but I like it!

  8. tezdread

    tezdread Member

    I like it, especially as it is far from obvious that it's built from WP but has all the functionality and ease you need I bet. Just what the doc ordered...
  9. sweetums

    sweetums Member

    Wordpress is my CMS of choice as well. I've been designing and coding with it for a few years and it's never let me down.
    If your interested in learning how to code for it then I would recommend a 3 part video series called "Designing for WordPress". You can find it here. The guy doing the tutorials is a real guru on all things Wordpress related :)
  10. tezdread

    tezdread Member

    After spending a couple of days with WordPress I think I've got a much better understanding of it. It's not so much the app I'm confused with but more the way ppl integrate it into their sites.

    Looking at your site PCB it looks like the home page is not part of WordPress, that the actual blog page is hidden and that the navigation is actually the categories\tags applied to each post. So, if this is right, this page Flaiver | Women’s fashion brand logo | Paul Cartwright Branding is a blog post and you link to this from the categories on the left?

    Is this about right?

    How many pages on your site are not part of WordPress?

    If you add a new blog post from the dashboard, I assume that a link to the post\permalink will be added to the navigation automatically and not effect any of the other pages, is this right?
  11. tezdread

    tezdread Member

    Thanks for the link, I'll check that out for sure...been doing some training on the subject and have a book in the post so I should be well versed by the end of all that :)
  12. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    The whole site is wordpress. It's unusual in the respect that you don't have a continual list of fact each post becomes it's own page and yes, new posts are added to the menu in whichever of the 4/5 categories I allocate them to.
  13. tezdread

    tezdread Member

    Cool, I'm getting a better understanding of how it all fits together but have more questions :)

    Do you apply any HTML formatting when you create a new post or do you just enter the title, text, images and publish and let the template take care of it?

    Do you have more than one template to chose from when you publish?

  14. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

  15. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    Generally in Wordpress everything is based around a template, so you either need to find a 'theme' of which there are 1000s...good and bad, free and not, which suits what you need or you have someone develop one for you.

    My site requires a shortcode for creating the 2x blocks of text at the top of each post, but I expect that could be coded in by a clever chap.

    Best thing to do, is to set up Wordpress on your web host and just have a play. It takes a while to get used to what does what, but it's really like a type the words, upload the images and most of the styling is done for you. Obviously there is more to it than that, but there doesn't have to be to get a site up and running.
  16. tezdread

    tezdread Member

    Thanks, I guess I didn't make myself too clear...I've already installed WP3 on my PC (running WAMP) and on my web server. I am very familiar with using the dashboard and all its funtionality and am already building my own theme so I have a pretty good understanding of how WP works, I also have previous experience working with php and mysql db's, as well as HTML and CSS so my questions aren't about WP itself.

    I was just asking specifics about 'how it works for you'

    I saw that you were using two columns in your posts but as this isn't a standard feature within the dashboard, I wondered if someone had built this into the theme they created for you, or whether you applied formatting to the post yourself via the dashboard as you can apply you own HTML to the post.

    The question about having more than one template, wasn't clear. I was thinking of when one adds a new page not a new post. I have created a new page template already so when I go to create a new page I have a selection of page templates to choose from. (note the difference: template not theme, they are different)
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2010
  17. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    You're right - you didn't explain yourself! :)

    The columns feature is a plugin which I access by adding a shortcode into each post.

    I know what a template/theme are...I was attempting to keep things basic (believing that you were new to Wordpress.)
  18. tezdread

    tezdread Member

    Maybe it was a combination of me not explaining myself to well and the assumption that I'm new to WP so don't know what I'm talking about ;)

    So it's a plugin that gives you formatting capabilities...interesting

    I haven't looked at the extensive range of plugins yet...thought I'd get a better understanding of how all the php\css\html works together first as web design\dev is the area I work in most

    Thanks for your help

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