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Portfolio amount?

Hi everyone :)

I'm thinking of setting up a website for myself but have no idea how much work needs to be showcased. I've only got about 3 projects that I believe are good enough to be included, but I don't know if thats enough for a portfolio.

Do you think I should put the portfolio together when I have more or should I just include a lot of examples of these 3 projects?

Hi. I'm going through the development stages of my online portfolio and everyone has given me some great advice. "It's not about quantity it's about quality" that's probably the best piece of advice you could have, concentrate on your best pieces, showing pieces that "aren't up to scratch" will only show your floors and you want to promote yourself with the best images.

I was in the same situation as you, not much to show that's good enough, so at the moment I'm going through the motions of bulking it up. Make sure that the projects you put together aren't just from your own head, get inspiration, get researching and ask everyone what they think. Post each project on here and I'm sure the guys here will give you some great advice and you'll end up with a great final piece
Whilst I agree on quality over quantity I am not sure you have enough work as it stands. Get some one to make up a brief for you or do a small job for someone for free!


Senior Member
I know what you mean, there's no reason you shouldnt get started on a website that can display your portfolio as it expands. Consider something like the Behance Network for an easy way to display and get feedback for your projects.