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Senior Member
Any poker players :)

Online ? Live ? casual ? Addict ?

Currently playing about on fulltilt myself at 6 - 11$ SnG's and play with flat mates + friends every tuesday, though its getting boring as 3 of us regularly get to the bubble over everyone else. Also play a few tournies when I can depending on buy-in etc. :D


played a few tournaments and stuff.. played in New Zealand at the Auckland Poker Championships.. came 12th or something like that, was about 4 years ago now :p


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Greg said:
Don't know how to play :(
I think the optimist in me seems to think I'd be quite good?!
All you need is quick maths skills, a good logical mind and the ability to make educated reads of people (both online & offline) .... obviously this mixed with the actual poker knowledge is useful. :)