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Plz Help!!!

Would i make a website with Zoomla??? :huh: I have one of Zoomla, but not completed. So can i use it to convert into wordpress??? Hows that??? :(

Tony Hardy

Hi Janifar,

Do you mean Joomla? The HTML/CSS should be seperated out. You'd have to do is copy and paste that over to Wordpress then set up your PHP.

It might be quite tricky.
What's the site for/can you add a link so we can try and advise the best route for you to take? :)



Senior Member
A Joomla to Wordpress transfer should be easy enough. They use a similar database structure so you could probably pull the data out pretty quickly. As Tony said, pulling out the html and css and matching it into Wordpress templates should be pretty simple, it might just be time consuming depending on the website complexity.


New Member
From the Wordpress codex:

JoomlaRead more - http://codex.wordpress.org/Importing_Content#Joomla