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Please Take a Look in my LOGO!


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Ross - just spit it out lol

I don't like it, it's got so many effects etc going on you'd lose the logo when you shrink it down.
Best idea in my opinion is to scrap it and start over
I agree with Luke and really that's because you have used two very different fonts in one logo, generally that's a big no. Really it's not great to use (jn my own opinion) tacky fonts, but putting two tacky fonts together, not a good choice at all. Also like word fruit said (your sig seems to be fine now) keep it simple, go back to the drawing board, sketch out some ideas and don't just throw them at the screen. Pen and paper is the best place to start, once you have a solid idea there, then try and create on screen. To sum up, too many colours, too many effects and too many fonts. Also one word... vectors!
OMG! I feel proud when I finish my own Logo for my blogsite for its cool and unique. I didn't imagine its that bad. :(
anyways I appreciate all your comments. thanks
its ok, everyone starts somewhere, we all think we can do it and know what we are doing at first but it's places like this that prove us wrong, and at the same time without critisism we wouldn't progress. Use the comments to help improve your logo and at the same time this will improve your knowledge of what good and what's not.
That's what I love in here people are honest, it really helps me a lot :)

I'm thinking I should post my design here 1st for criticism. yeah I should :)

Btw, the software that I used is "Sothink Logo Maker", for its drag-n-drop not Adobe Photoshop.


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Have you considered just doing a nice typographical logo, you can get some really nice fonts. You could 'smarten' it up on your blog by a bit of embossing (ie pressing into the page) or cutting out to the background etc.

You don't need to go for something with all the effects to make something look good.

You'll also find using a 'drag and drop' will limit creativity as you'll work around what it can do rather than what makes a good logo
yep not really a great thing to use when you want to show professionalism. If you want to make something out of the creative industry then it may well be worth investing in getting a copy of photoshop, illustrator, indesign and the likes. Illustrator is the one to use for logo design so start off with that. If you're not a designer then ask on here in the jobs section, no harm in getting a few quotes and in the long run if you personally aren't going to be using design software then getting someone to design you one will be far less expensive that buying a copy of illustrator and then spending all your time learning how to create one that's good enough.


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CanvasArtPrints said:
What do you think of my Logo Design. It's for my website about our Local Magazine in the our City.

The word Gensan needs more work. I would soften (or remove) the shadow, remove the outline, fix the kerning, and adjust the colour.


Apologies in advance if this sounds harsh.

I think perhaps before going back to the drawing board you might want to consider what it is that makes for good logo design. It's not a simple task and it will definitely take time - but then this is why people study at university level for it and then (hopefully) make lots of money from it - if their business sense is as good as their design sense!

I am myself a relatively new freelance graphic designer, I'm not going to make out that I'm some super successful professional - I'm not! For starters, you're covering up a lot of the word Gensan - logos need to be very clear and not cluttered or squashed together.

You've got a multitude of outlines and drop shadows that have been thrown in - It looks like you're going for a 3D text effect. I'd stick with 2D unless you have the correct programs and knowledge to pull it off correctly. I see you've also added in a gloss element to the Gensan text and a circular gradient. Personally I think they are too garish. Effects like those are best used in a subtle manner. As others have said, there's too much going on.

Next up - colours. From what I can see you've got red, blue, orange, yellow, black, brown and finally white for the outline of the wow text. Too many colours! The .com label looks like an after-thought and doesn't really fit with the overall design.

The fonts don't work together very well and look almost as bad as comic sans, lol. (Having flashbacks of a book shop in town whose signage consisted of a rainbow gradient with solid black comic sans "BOOK SHOP" across the front. I might actually take a picture for you all one day, it's that bad!)

If this is something you do want to do as a career or even part-time work then I would definitely recommend taking a bit of time to learn about the finer aspects of logo design - don't get disheartened though! Your other option, which has been mentioned previously, would be to look into hiring a professional graphic designer.

Sorry again if it sounded harsh in any way - If it's any consolation you can be as brutally honest as you want with anything I upload :)
Too many effects are going on with this logo, not sure where to begin looking. As mentioned by another member simple is always better, don't have too much going on, you want the logo to instantly stick in the viewers mind and also as you can see it doesn't look to great at a very small size and that's the benefit to designing logos simple because they work at all different scales.