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Please review my web banner generator

Hello, Everyone,

I have recently made HTML banner generator page - www.banimatic.com It generates web banners based solely on website URL. So just enter your website URL and it will show the banners generated.

Since I am more a web developer, than a designer, I would like any feedback on the banners generated.

Thank you.


Staff member
It's very cool! Have no use for it really - but interesting all the same. I'll take a closer look at it another time, but at first glance very good!


Staff member
Interesting idea but it doesn't work very well on my site or the updated version I'm working on.

It kind of looks like it's trying to produce something like a 'twitter card' but is just scarping the html instead.... maybe you could make it scrape for the meta code that is often added for sites like twitter/facebook etc and already has 'banner size' imagery linked in it.

At the same time I'm like Hank in as much as I have no real use for it and for sites like twitter/facebook I'm already integrating their meta code so they'd auto generate stuff like it.
It does indeed scrape meta code and then revert to other HTML tags if those are not found. Anyway, this automatic scrapping is intended to give a good start on the banner and does not work all the time. You can completely customize the banner (change the text, images, and colors) to get it where you want it to be anyway.