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Please help me with website flop....

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by bobchops, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. bobchops

    bobchops New Member

    Hello everyone.. I spent a very long time making all the code for my website. But when i launch my site nobody wanted to join. Because I think my design looks cheap and crap really.

    I admit i am total ass cheeks at design. I need help badly... Can some please tell me where this site sucks so bad.. and make some suggestions to me please.

    I would love to find someone else to do the graphics for me..

    I want to say the actual code of my website. Is very good. I am good at programming the php codes. But the design i need serious help with.

    OMG plz help me.
  2. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    What does the site do? I've read the home page and am none the wiser...
  3. bobchops

    bobchops New Member

    Its a beat battling website. People who make music backing tracks battle other producers. And then vote on peoples music who they think is the best.
  4. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry, I just didn't get that from your home page at all. Perhaps the first issue to address is explaining that to visitors.
  5. bobchops

    bobchops New Member

    Ok thanks.. what else is bad...? I suck at graphics.

    What kind of design would you use?

    Plz help me.. omg plz... someone help me..... :Cry: ...
  6. chris_17

    chris_17 Member

    No offence, but if you want the site to work and need a design...get a designer...

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member


    No offense, but it'd be easier to point out the bits that look good. Infact, I think it all looks pretty bad. I'd start again, or pay a designer to do it properly.
  8. bobchops

    bobchops New Member

    Ok... so you think my website is offensively bad? I spent a long time programming all the php codes for this website.. it has over 70 pages of codes.. I done all myself.

    Its an amazing application.. I just didnt realize how fussy people were about trivial things like looks.. But alas nowadays its all about style and not about substance.

    So yes i am going to pay someone money to make a user interface..

    I want older person to do it tho.. Like min of 30... I dont want some snotty nose brat with mad ego..

    I am actually an expert musican myself.. and have had music played on all kinds of radios in USA...

    Thats how i know that.. I have to be careful with snotty nose punks.. who speak the jargon and can starberry fool someone like me who has very limited graphical skills..

    Where can i find such a designer.. and how much money do you think it will cost me... (tho i think its out rageous people trying to make money off skills given to them by god that they dont own themselfs..)....
  9. I'd also check your spelling, there are some huge mistakes which will turn people away.

    "Please longin" "Beat star leagues Free eddition" "Other wise you may need"
  10. chris_17

    chris_17 Member

    pot kettle black
  11. bobchops

    bobchops New Member

    Right yes. I need to get that fixed. But I think that the other problems are so bad they need to be fixed first.

    Thank you very much for your time every one. I wanted to ask this question tho. Nowadays.

    Is it extemly hard to get people to come to your website? I mean even if my website had a professional design. Is it still hard to get people to come and use it.

    Or would a good design make a huge difference to how much users will want to join up?

    I was thinking that now, most people never seem to leave face book. I hate face book. I hate how 1 billion people use face book. It shows that with all the internet for people to use they will still find away to all do the same mundane thing.. Like a stupid pack of dumb cows.

    But I was thinking should i make a face book app instead of a website. Would i be better off turning my website into a face book app do you think?

    Thank you.
  12. chris_17

    chris_17 Member

    It's an interesting question, at Uni for my dissertation I did that exact thing test whether a Facebook app is better than a 'normal website', the short answer was yes. I tested on about 50 people in four different conditions using a combination of Facebook and gaming elements (leaderboards etc.) and the condition with Facebook and gaming was the best in terms of engagement (newcomer and returning) as well as time on site, and generally just using the app.

    So I'd say yes BUT you still need a good design! In many respects the design for a FB app is harder because it's smaller and you can't get as much on the site or add super complex features. So I'd still get a designer but one with Facebook app design experience.
  13. bobchops

    bobchops New Member

    Great thank you for information. It just hit me that the people i am trying to appeal to ... (young uneducated chavs) probably are not going to venture away from face book.

    Im not familiar with how to program face book apps at all.. I have to read up about whats different with them.

    I had a quote for about $400 - $500 for a site design so far...

    I dont know is this good? Obviously i want really amazing design. That is nice for young males aged around 18-24.

    Thats my main demographic. I dont want all serious design tho.. Its got to be fun light and cartoony..

    And i want the ticker thing that goes across the screen..

    well to be honest.. I admit i have a terrible eye for design. And whats hot at the moment. I know it goes thru cycles and fads.

    Is there a way i can ask designers to show a drawing or a skecth or something.. before i have to stick with them?

    Like i can ask them to submit a rought idea of what the site will look like. Or do you just have to book one and thats it.. be happy with what you get?
  14. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Well-Known Member

    Hi Bob,

    Just an idea. You say you want someone over 30 at least to design your site, but you're targeting it at 18-25 year old males. Wouldn't it make sense to hire someone in or around your target audience age.

    I know that's not always applicable, but it might not be such a good idea to rule younger people out!

  15. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    If I were to assume for a second that this isn't some kind of satire then I'd say that I fervently hope you can't find such a designer; your site sucks almost as bad as your attitude and I think the world will make slightly better sense if it stays that way.
  16. bobchops

    bobchops New Member

    Ok first off. The website doesnt suck. The website i am confident is amazing.. If you knew about php coding you might have some understands.

    Its just an amazing concept and idea.

    At the moment the idea is hidden behind a lousy user interface. Its hard for you genric graphics people to understand a truly talented and creative person like me.

    You know. Any one can paint little pictures on screen with enough practise.

    Dont forget i am an amazing musican as well. Listen to my recorded beats on that website. Tho i have had songs played on radio as well.

    So dont hit me with your BS.. My music talent is like a 500 x's more powerful then the best graphics nerd on this website.

    I do admit tho i am not very good at graphics I am humble man. I accept it. Php I am a master at. but yes graphic design seems just so trivial and unimportant to me.

    Thats why i am prepared to spend money instead of waste my valuable time.

    and do you atctualy think i care if you think i have a bad personality? I just think your soft sensitive weirdo.
  17. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Well-Known Member

    I think that's a fairly tall order when we have a whole host of people on this forum with different skill levels.

    As far as musical talent goes, I myself play drums in an original rock band that has toured everywhere from England, to Scotland, to Austria, Italy, France, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg...just to name a few.

    I think saying that your music talent is 500 x better than anyone here is ridiculous.

    There's no need to be nasty about things. To be honest, people are trying to help you out? Accept it :)
  18. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    I'm looking forward to the next contestant, who I predict will be a single-parent shelf-stacker from Basingstoke whose world-beating website is the realization of their life's ultimate dream and posted as a tribute to their dead grandmother (probably with that Coldplay piano piece playing in the background).

    Look: it doesn't matter if you can sh*t Schubert or p*ss Purple Haze on demand, you're looking for help from people whose creative talents you deride and demean without having the first clue what they involve.
  19. chris_17

    chris_17 Member

    I think anyone reading this would run a mile if you approached them about design, you have no respect for what they do
  20. bobchops

    bobchops New Member

    Hey i respect that i dont know very much about graphics. I see it as a means to an end.

    So far i have been looking at people on heres designs and seeing what they do.

    I must say that at the moment i havenet been able to find anyone with a style i like. It seems to much like people are making websites thst look like magazine adverts.

    There to serious bland and boring looking. I want a design that looks fun to use. bright colors and cartoony look.

    OK I have to go and play doom 3 now or final phantasy 8. Now thats what i call nice graphics!
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