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Please give me some feedback on my portfolio!


Staff member
welcome to the forum....

I would comment but I don't want to scare you away with my comments about your site, so ideally someone else can go first :).

If you're ok with an open and honest opionion about the site/work etc then I'll comment (sadly there's a fair bit wrong in my opinion) but we've had plenty of people just come here wanting us to say it's good and when we say it's not they kind of leave sadly. We are at the end of the day only trying to help :).
Hi yes unfortunately I understand that my site is not up to scratch. As I don't have much time until I need to hand it in for my university assignment I would appreciate if you could tell me what I can do now to improve it and make it a decent standard- should I change the background colour? What other colours to suggest for other elements? And how should I change the layout?

I am not a front end developer at all and my skills are not in web development but I just need to make something basic but good. Also sticking with Wix as I really am time limited now!

I would appreciate your help, thanks!!


Staff member
Do you 'need' to use wix or can you maybe use something like squarespace, it would look better just using one of their templates. Wix isn't highly regarded round here :)

I'll bullet point as I see it:
Background - lose the stripes, it's all about clean designs now plus they make the text hard to read
The body text font - change to something simpler and maybe a little bigger
Your branding in the header could be smaller as could the header, it's too deep and takes up too much of the screen.

Same issues in essence apply to the other pages.

What exactly is it you're being marked on.


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no it's not better... what is it with wanting to have a background image like you've done, it makes your text really hard to read. I'm just not understanding why you're trying to go for this sort of aesthetic to your sites, they don't come across as something a University graduate would be doing (at least to me personally).

Did you get any direction from your tutors regarding the design etc?

I did a quick google for a site that's free and has templates that look nice... you will need to change the images and text obviously.
Weebly, it's pricing and it's themes. I'd suggest using one of the creative ones.

Google also has google sites which you can get themes for.