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Please critique product packaging designs for a new range of desserts


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it would be easier if you added the work here for us to comment on.

Honestly you need to research the products you're making healthy.... just from a quick viewing you've got low sugar on marshmallows which are basically just sugar and the same on bakewells which have icing sugar on top which is again literally just sugar.

The biggest issue is that the design doesn't look appealing, it doesn't make me want to eat or buy products.

Minor issues:Your nutritional information is missing things like kcals and other measurements. I'd check to see what is actually legally required on packages too.
Images have issues with perspective and in some cases the text just looked placed on top with no consideration for the type of packaging and adjustments for any 'dips and creases' in packaging.
Your choice of typeface doesn't work in most cases for me, especially on the cookie box.

If I'm being completely honest, and this will ilkely sound harsh, if you had not said this was a uni project I would have thought it came from at best a-level. I'm pretty sure you can do better than this.
Thanks for the feedback.

As for researching the products I'm making healthy, the products are much like these and these:

roducts specially developed for bodybuilders and sports nutrition market are finding amazing new ways to make products that are high protein and low carb etc etc.. The exact scientific details of my products doesnt concern me atm so much as the packaging.

As for the designs not looking appealing - I used all of my own photography and thought this might help - if not what can I do to make them more appealing?

As for the nutritional info missing, it is actually on the other sides, my mistake I didnt upload all of the sides sorry about that.

As for the packaging having adjustments for any 'dips and creases' in packaging, I have looked at lots of other products such as cakes and cereal boxes etc and they don't seem to have any adjustments and I have just placed the text with a slight gap between the edges of the product.. I thought this would be enough?? If you could advise me on this I would be grateful thanks!

As for typeface I'm not sure why it doesn't work, seems legible, modern and clean looking to me, with different weights used and contrasts the 'desserts' part of the logo. How could I improve?


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...the design doesn't look appealing because it looks cheap. You really need to research what is out on the market as far as the design goes. If I saw these on the shelves, I would not want to purchase because nothing about it looks appetizing to me.

Look at designs on the dieline. Heck, look at Wondermade Marshmallows. When I think of marshmallows, I think light, airy, fluffy. Your design is dark and boring. An outline of a fit arm is cliche and overused, and here it's not used well.

This is a university project. So REALLY PUSH YOURSELF. You have absolutely no limitations in university, so have fun with this and just go as far as you can. You have nothing holding you back from truly pushing this far.

With all this said, we aren't here to do your project for you. We can help give you advice but you also have to learn now to make your own design decisions because that's going to be expected of you in the real world. Just because a typeface is clean and legible, doesn't mean it's right for the project.

Did you create a mood board for this project? If so, I would like to see it here.


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Echoing what people have said above, the issue is the packaging looks cheap, its the kind of designs you find on no frills, budget products mainly because of the colour choices and contrast. Also the typography has little or no treatment.

Like Shauna said, you have unlimited creative freedom whilst at university this is where you can have fun, take a look at other designs for inspiration and make them better. I would spend some time on the typography as ultimately this area makes or breaks a design.


Also have a look at some arrangements for showcasing your designs


If you want extra marks at uni try contacting photographers through flikr and asking to them collaborate with you, shows that you can make contacts and get resources. Well it got me good marks anyway.

I would sit there and make a few persona's, run through what is appealing, think of the environment these products will sit? other products that could distract away from your product.

Ive always liked the look of Animal vitamins, it stands out a mile when I see it in health shops and gyms. There is a lot of visual noise and these always grab my attention first.


Good luck