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playing with a new design

decided to give my folio an overhaul. it's currently a blog but i'm not very satisfied with it. it's functional but looks a bit crap. so i've decided to go back to a flash site.

not sure what happened but it turned into a bit of a gothic wet dream... i'm not a goth btw :)



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Whislt the design is amazing and you've obviously spent tons of time on it; the two nit picks I have is, it was a bit too dark, that i had to try and swivle the monitor in order to see the top of the page (already on full brightness settings). Secondly, the scrolling doesn't seem to work for me in the portfolio section? using the little drag scroll thing...?
it's just a framework. theres no functionality. the only thing that works is the door panel closing, was just to test out the animation.

the design is about 50% done. this is just a test to see if i want to go with this design or create something else.

hmm, that brightness thing is a weird, i've tested it on about 5 machines at work and it's fine. all my mates that i've sent it to can see it ok. thats one of the things i asked them about when i showed it to them.


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Great animation work there discochimp/Louis, I personally like the look of it, and doesn't appear too dark on my monitor here, but sounds like something you'll need to be very careful with. I'm also wondering if the bubbles on the two side columns are a bit too much, or perhaps too fast, as my eye was drawn to them before your work when viewing the folio page. You have some really impressive clients, would this type of website appeal to the clients you have worked with previously?

With regards to your existing site, whilst you're concerned on it's looks, it does the job of presenting your work in a professional manner. Would there not be anyway of combining that simplicty/funcion with the flash graphics? As an idea a flash header graphic with HTML/CSS for the work below... here's a site I'm a big fan of as IMO it achieves that balance well - Fully Illustrated - The Portfolio of Michael Heald


PS- Welcome to Design Forums by the way! :)


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Hi discochimp I am also suffering from your site appearing very dark.... my view is, I think what you've done is pretty cool but your current site is much more functional, quicker and easier to view so would agree with greg and try and get someting between the two.


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I left mine there when I went down to get a cuppa and it hadn't loaded. I've got quick tinterweb too...?
hmm, thats wierd, i'm not a coder so i'm not really too sure whats going on with that. (my buddy will be coding it for me), have you tried it in a different browser?

in regards the functionality, i understand what your saying. but it's just too dry for me. i'm not a fan of the wordpress look. i like really intircate nicely lit graphics and wordpress just doesn't do it for me. i've seen some really nice effective blogs out there but they all seem to be clean minimal blogs. i think they're partly the reason that design is going through such a clean crisp style at the moment. lots of bold shapes and clean lines, i like it , it's just not my bag. i'm also thinking about trying to go into game interface design and i think this style would be quite appealing for that market.. but i see what you mean about the info not being as acessable. i'll have another bash at how the info is presented.