Pics of your Pets

Bit of a random thread but anyone got any pets?

This is Jona our Syrian hamster. I bought him for my fiancé. He likes playing in my Homer Simpson slippers :icon_biggrin:

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Hey who are we to judge if a fella wants to marry a hamster?

(I could of course have inserted a smutty joke about nuts, but I shall refrain)
Right original post changed :icon_tongue_smilie: before thread gets me a bad name and makes people think I have a hamster fetish :icon_tongue_smilie: :icon_lol:
This is Charlie the Puma.

I got him from the RSPCA about 3 and a half years ago, he's completely tapped. Because I'm not a fan of staying in the same place for too long he systematically manages to remove all wildlife and other cats from any new area we move to.