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Photoshopped photo


Senior Member
Just seen this image released by the White House to show the moment OBL was killed. Does anyone else think its comped together from other images and heavily photoshopped?

Osama bin Laden dead photo: Obama watching Al Qaeda leader die on live TV | Mail Online

The clarity and light on the US President doesnt look quite right to me. Plus there are a few staff on the right hand side of the image that look as if they have been cut out and stuck in. The guy with the dark hair and light blue shirt looks fake. As does the guy to his right with the white shirt on and the woman between the two of them looks like a cut out.


Active Member
Hey Dave, the graphic guys in the office have come to the same conclusion, that at least the top photo in that links looks odd in places.


Senior Member
Yeah its the top photo that looks odd to me! I dont understand why they would release it as an official image. The conspiracy theorists will be ready to pounce at the slightest possible issue.

Maybe that scene existed but there was no good photography so they have re-enacted the scene using photoshop, but i would have thought there would be a disclaimer with the image rather than pretend its fact.

Tom Sound

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I feel sorry for the short woman at the back, she can't really see what's going on, are you sure that's not a pic of them watching the Royal wedding?



Well-Known Member
Bloody daft. I'm not commenting on their beliefs, none of my concern, I'm commenting on their inability to read and abide by instructions that came with the photo.