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Photoshop CS4 Thoughts



they probably polled a load of American designers and they said that they wanted it shortcutty instead of those complicated word type things :lol:
I like cs4.

In fact im going to marry it.

Then when cs5 come out - im going to have it off with that at work while humping away with cs4 at home.

Its the dogs balls - ps in the best ever - ai is more like fh which is a bonus and id is spot on and acrobat is spot on as ever!

Adobe i doff my cap to you all - you geeky geeky overpricing creative geniusus!


Senior Member
Onartis said:
This is my standard workspace on a 20" screen. But even on a 24" it's still uncommon to see me deviating from what you see above ;)
Dude you need to dock that shizzle the hell up.......

Letting it run loose all over the screen... u need to put that beatch on a leash!