I'm looking for a couple of pictures if anyone has any like it, can give a dofollow backlink for usage.

1. Greyhounds chasing the hare/rabbit, the hare/rabbit has to be visible and also a couple of greyhounds. (from a greyhound track)

2. Salmon swimming upstream, preferably with 1 jumping out of the water (something looking forward from left to top right angle)

yea bit obscure heheh but apt for what they're for :)
Yea I already thought of the stock libs, however, I wanted something that a photographer who wanted a bit more exposure with back links to their portfolio etc...
Something away from the stock photo scene.
Do a search on Flickr, if you find something that fits the bill message the taker about getting permission to use? Don't ask don't get eh?

Meanwhile, back on the ranch I have far too many images and section 44 forms than is decent

Sinister Pictures