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Photo Art Station

Hi everyone,

My name is Karen Gilmore and I am a freelance digital artist based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Being a musician, I chose to specialise in music media (poster art and logo design) as being in the entertainment agency for many years has given me modest insight into this field of art (commissions of my work can be found via my website link below). I also restore, edit and enhance photographs, and have created my own digital art collections.

I also feature other collections of aspiring artists - the collection is small currently, but will increase in size given time. Should you wish to be featured on my website, please get in touch with samples of your work.

I would appreciate feedback and comments with regard to my website and/or any aspect of my work - Photo Art Station.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Karen

I also have a photo editing service, you can view my website here:


It's nice to meet someone in the same line! I do though mainly work as a freelance cartoonist.

With regards to your website. I found the text slightly uncomfortable reading due to the colours used. I think if you could either lighten the background or darken the font that would be better.

Good luck with the biz!

Leah x