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Photo Albums/Scrapbooks


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Hay chaps,

Wondering if anyone does or knows of where I could get something printed.

I have a client that run a mentoring scheme for kids in care and they want some Photo Albums/Scrapbooks to record their activities.
They need to have their branding on the front cover and inside to be able to put photos and written descriptions.
Kinda like a scrapbook with a printed cover.

I've been scouring the net but all I'm turning up is those photo albums you create yourself (photo upload) damn SEO.

They initially want around 50 depending on the cost.

Anyone know of anywhere?


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Don't know how cost-effective it would be, Scotty, but Lulu.com might work for you. Pick your size, binding, number of pages, paper, colour/monochrome printing, upload PDFs of the cover and the insides and wallop, you have a print-on-demand book you can order as many or few of as you like.


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That's a tricky one Scotty. I have used http://www.blurb.co.uk/ and the quality was great but in this case you'd be paying for a lot of blank pages.

It might be worth searching for a small digital press publishers to get a better deal.

Let us know how you get on.


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Cheers for those chaps. :)

I'll give those a look.

It's a bit of a tricky one as there's either getting blank books made which are expensive or I've been looking at getting blank scrapbooks to somehow put their branding on but that's not too easy printing onto a book that's already made up.

I thought of having a stamp made or trying some of that transfer paper that you use from your printer to iron on to t-shirts.

Didn't think this would be as difficult as it's proving.


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Anyway you could get blank hardback books on the cheap and just print and design dust covers for them? Bit of a last resort that one.


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Not sure how they want the scrapbook bindings but have you considered just grabbing a 'cheap' binding machine and then making your own books, it could work out cheaper in the long term if they want more making later.

Actually have you thought about contacting some of the printers that advertise on here.... they might be open to doing a custom run?


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They're actually for my local County Council so I'm sure they must have some sort of binding equipment so I may suggest them making their own.

Funny things scrapbooks.
They are really quite expensive for what they are and they are more arts and crafts than bulk, promotional items.

I did find some quite cheap on Ebay so some dust jackets may be an option or even just a stick on label.

Thanks for all the ideas. :nod:

I'm going to pass them all on to them.